BitFund has established a referral program to thank our clients for any new customers that they refer to our platform.

How do I refer someone to BitFund?

Referring a friend or colleague is a very straight forward process. After signing into your BitFund account you will need to visit your account settings.

On your account settings page you will notice a referral code and a referral link:

If you share the link with your friend or colleague who then signs up on the platform after clicking it, you will be considered the referrer. The same can also be achieved if your referral code is manually entered in the text box while registering a new BitFund account.

What do I get in return for referring someone to BitFund?

By referring a new client to BitFund, you will be entitled to 10% of all of our asset management fees for that person until the end of their first year as a client. Since our fees are charged in Cryptocurrency, your own BitFund portfolio will be credited with your portion of the fees in the same currency that they were debited in. Since these currencies will now be part of your existing portfolio, they will be rebalanced as usual during the next rebalancing cycle.

For privacy reasons, we don't disclose who signed up using your code or how much they deposited. However, we do provide you with the number of people that have signed up using your code. On the same account settings page, you will see this number. The number only increments when someone that you referred has fully verified their account.

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