You must verify your identity before you can deposit and create your BitFund portfolio.

After this process is complete you will be notified that you can set up your investment and deposit into your portfolio.

You are required to submit 2 documents to us for FICA verification. 

1) Identity Document (one of the following)

  • Green Bar Coded ID

  • Smart ID Card  

2) Proof of Residence Document (one of the following)

  • Utility Bill

  • Bank Statement

  • Lease/Rental Agreement

  • Municipal Rates and Taxes

  • Levy Statement or Other Body Corporate Correspondence

  • Official SARS Document

  • Mortgage Statement

  • Cellular or Telephone Invoice

  • Television Licence

  • Short or Long Term Insurance

  • Motor Vehicle Licence

  • Investment Statement

  • Letter from Municipal Representative

  • Letter from Traditional Authority

  • Government Issued Document

  • Retail Credit Account Statement

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