Multiple exchange management 

Trading and transacting with cryptocurrencies requires a high level of technical "know-how". The difficulty arises when having to send cryptocurrencies across the blockchain to multiple exchanges in order to gain exposure to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. 

This results in users having to sign up on multiple exchanges and be comfortable with managing funds dispersed across these exchanges.

Why BitFund?

BitFund takes all the difficulty of investing into cryptocurrencies away from our clients. BitFund provides an easy-to-use platform, where clients are able to gain access to a wide-variety of cryptocurrencies, without needing any technical experience. Clients are able to invest in cryptocurrencies in a manner that is similar to that of a typical investment product, such as unit trusts, shares and ETF's.

Maintaining a balanced portfolio

It is also extremely difficult for any cryptocurrency investor to maintain a properly balanced portfolio, given the volatility of the cryptocurrency asset class and the inconvenience of trading over multiple exchanges.  

Why BitFund?

BitFund takes the difficulty of maintaining a balanced portfolio by rebalancing clients' portfolios using our rebalancing engine. Rebalancing strategies have proved to increase returns by naturally taking profits and buying dips

Safe storage

Further, a severe issue with cryptocurrencies is the security of the underlying tokens. Exchanges are constantly being hacked, leaving users' funds vulnerable to being lost or stolen. 

Why BitFund?

BitFund keeps all clients funds in "cold storage" significantly reducing the risks of funds getting lost or stolen due to exchange hacks.

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