Step 1: Register an account by selecting "Register"

Fill in all required personal information and submit the required identification documents.

Step 2: Verify your identity

You will be notified once your account has been verified or if any further documentation is needed for FICA verification.

Step 3: Select "Deposit" and select your preferred portfolio.

At this point, you can choose from our prespecified portfolios and optionally customise your chosen portfolio by changing the weightings. This can be done by moving the sliders for each cryptocurrency to the desired weighting. It is important to note that your weighting must add up to 100% in order to proceed.

Step 4: Make your deposit. 

a) Bitcoin (BTC) deposit

Make a deposit to the bitcoin address displayed. It is advised that you copy and double check the exact bitcoin address details when making payment in order to ensure that your funds do not get lost.

b) Rand (ZAR) deposit

This option is only available to South African residents. We are working to allow Euro (EUR) deposits in the near future.

Make a deposit using the banking details displayed. It is advised that you double check the exact account details when making the payment. An incorrect reference code can lead to delays in finding your payment.

If you require any assistance with the above do not hesitate to contact us on our live chat support or email us at [email protected]

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