Management fee

A management fee of 2.4% annually will be charged on the value of all cryptocurrencies held under management. These fees' accrue daily and will be deducted monthly from user balances.


BitFund manages your portfolio by means of rebalancing on a weekly or fortnightly basis (depending on the portfolio chosen), in order to keep your portfolio weightings inline with those chosen. 

Such rebalancing strategies have proved historically to increase returns by maintaining a stable exposure.

Rebalancing portfolios on a weekly or fortnightly basis leads to various costs being incurred. Examples of these costs include trading costs on various exchanges and blockchain fees when transferring cryptocurrencies across exchanges and into or out of cold storage. The 2.4% management fee charged by BitFund fully covers (and is inclusive of) all of the above fees.

BitFund takes the safety and security of clients funds very seriously. All clients funds are kept in "deep cold storage" which has significant costs associated with it, as mentioned above. See Help Center article for more information.

Exit fee

An exit fee of 1% will be charged at the time of exit on the value of all cryptocurrencies being redeemed. 


This 1% exit fee is used to cover any costs incurred in liquidating your portfolio and transferring your portfolio proceeds back to you.

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